Friday, January 16, 2009

Elation Via Punctuation: The New Sensation

This week, both my sixth and eighth graders have been investigating the finer points of punctuation.  I can now proudly announce that my older students have learned to love the simple elegance of the apostrophe, both in its role as contraction creator and in its role in the creation of possession (of the non-demonic variety).  The younger students now boast the ability to wield the oft misunderstood semicolon.  In one parent-teacher conference today (they were great!), a parent jovially scolded me because her young daughter corrected her use AND schooled her college aged brother who advised her to just never use the squirrelly mark.  This mom said that her daughter sighed, rolled her eyes, and extolled the virtues of the semicolon's ability to link two independent clauses provided those two clauses were in some way related.

I am so proud.

Check out this riddle that at first gave them all fits, then provided them with great screaming joy.  Let me know if you figure it out.  Oh, and don't feel bad that a bunch of tweens have you beat if you can't solve it!  Have fun...
Every lady in this land 
Hath twenty nails upon each hand 
Five and twenty on hands and feet 
And this is true without deceit. 


rtpgurl said...

I know the answer!
I figured it oo-oooout!!!

WOTD... worrap

Jen said...

Ah, bless you for teaching those children the proper use of apostrophes and semicolons. As we all know from a popular book title, the appropriate use of punctuation can mean the difference between a cold-blooded killer and an unassuming herbivore. (Or it can lend sense to a seemingly senseless statement...)

NICKI said...

OK, I am no good at riddles and my last blog entry was embarrassingly full of typographical errors in spelling and punctuation. "rtpgurl" is so not helping me out. Is a deck of cards involved? Like, there are four queens, so 20 nails...can we please just do a math problem? What's 142 times 7834? Now that has a reasonable answer!

Michael W said...

ohh yay i got it! i really want to work with colons and dashes because i really like how they look