Friday, August 28, 2009

On Home, Husband, and Hecticness

First off, check out Fuuuckgetit! a new blog from Cuz here. She's chronicling her time as a caretaker for our feisty Grandma, now happily home from the hospital. (Much to the relief and joy of George, Grandma's massive beach ball of a cat.) All reports look good!

Next, today marks the sixth anniversary of my snagging Hubby to be my hubby. That means that after our dinner and a movie tonight, we get the pleasure of opening our wedding time capsule. A beautiful box we keep stored out of reach all year, the time capsule contains great memories from our wedding day. I'm not sure where I got the idea for it, but I'm SO glad I did! We left a pile of crazy hats and costume pieces (thanks Mama-Kenaz-Mara!), some notecards and pens, and a polaroid camera in a room of the mansion we rented for our big day. Above it all, we left a sign inviting willing participants to wear the costumes (or not), take a picture (or not), and/or write a bit of advice for us (or not) and toss it into the box. We have opened and reviewed the contents at every anniversary. And each year it makes us get teary (OK- makes ME teary, makes Hubby hug me) and giggly and everything in between. Some people wrote sarcastic things... for instance, one friend wrote, "A bit of advice." Others took the costuming thing to the max, with great photographic evidence. We got sweet comments and well wishes. Perhaps one of my favorites? Our caterers and wedding photographers also participated, taking goofy polaroids of themselves and adding those to the mix. It tickles me that they would do that- I like the idea of the people we hired actually having a fun day at work!

Tonight's quiet celebration with Hubby comes as a much-needed breather from the past few weeks, which have felt a bit as though I got tossed in a blender and pureed. Let's see--- I ran for and got elected as Artistic Director for Rosebriar Shakespeare, have held six interviews for people interested in taking my old position as Education Director, created a production calendar template for all of our future productions, held an audition workshop for area actors, held auditions for Taming of the Shrew, interviewed several potential costumers, still am looking for a set/props designer, and finished my first full week of classes (including two new preps). I'm hoping next week the blender slows to "chop."

More later, Faithful and Patient Readers!


rtpgurl said...

Happy Anniversary!
I love you guys.

WOTD... diesp

Peter said...

I wish I remembered what I wrote at your wedding... I really have no clue.

That being said,
HaPpY AnNiVeRsArY!

Love always to you both!
(I'm probably the "a bit of advice...)

And congrats on being named Artistic Director! If I knew this I pulled a Peter Pan and forgot. WOO-HOO! Way to go!


NICKI said...

congratulations! I love the idea - my sister had people give advice too, and sadly, we have lost a few family members since then. The little snippets become that much more precious, and your loved ones live on!

I Hate to Weight said...

i am so happy your grandma's doing well. she's quite a woman.

happy anniversary!!! it sounds like you really married the right man. blessings on you both. and keep on laughing.

YAAAY, a promotion.

as always, when reading about your life, I need to rest. i love down-time, reading, baths,napping in the sun -- my god, i sound like a cat.

you're amazing.

Jen said...

Happy anniversary, a bit late. (Was out of town with David's family, in Palm "at least it isn't Death Valley" Springs, enjoying the *ahem* balmy weather.) Like Peter, I haven't the faintest idea what I wrote, but I love the idea of you guys recapturing a bit of the fun and joy of your wedding day every year. It was an awesome wedding, for two awesome people who had the great good sense to fall in love with each other.

As for the cosmic blender of life, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, and wait patiently until the next blog post. :)